French All-Star, Yasmin Kuck, Commits with Lady Falcons

French All-Star, Yasmin Kuck, Commits with Lady Falcons

Coach Stegall has learned that not all players come to her in a conventional manner.  Yasmin Kuck is one such recruit that has landed in Falcon Volleyball by unconventional means.  It began with a chance meeting with Kuck's grandparents, providing recruiting advice for their granddaughter.  As the process advanced, it became evident that Daytona State College would be a great place for Kuck to launch her American studies and collegiate volleyball playing career. 

Kuck is a seasoned athlete, committing her time and talents to multiple sports before ultimately focusing her time and energy to volleyball.  Her athletic career began with figure skating.  For four years, Kuck committed her talents to figure skating and worked her way to the second division. 

After her time on ice, Kuck shifted gears competing in competitive tennis and swimming.  She was a Regional Champion in tennis, as well as, in swimming in both the backstroke and freestyle events. 

Kuck has also demonstrated her intellect and skillfulness in her success in chess.  As a member of her school chess team, she has earned a Regional Championship.

It is fair to say that Kuck is diverse in her talents and that she is a competitor and all-around athlete.  She began playing volleyball her sophomore year.  In that same year she was selected to the prestigious Indoor Training Center.  Following her success and growth in the game of volleyball, Kuck took her talents to the beach courts.  She was selected to attend the National Team Training Center in Toulouse as part of the National Beach Team. 

As a beach volleyball player, Kuck was selected to compete in the European Championships.  She was selected the past two summers, but due to hangups with her nationality Kuck had to decline such prestigious offers.  Kuck will have an opportunity to utilize her ball control that she has cultivated on the beach in her indoor game as she dons a Falcon jersey next fall for Daytona State College.

"Kuck is a talented athlete that comes with a great deal of volleyball talent, as well as, overall athleticism.  She is an exceptional young lady, and I am confident will be a significant contributor in the Falcon Volleyball program.  I am eager to get on the court with her next fall and begin her training," commented Coach Stegall on Kuck's recent commitment.

Kuck comes from a volleyball family.  Both grandparents have spent years coaching the sport in the United States and Canada alongside prestigious college coaches like Jim Stone.  Kuck's father was a professional European Volleyball player as well. 

The Lady Falcons welcome Yasmin Kuck to their Falcon family and are excited to see what Kuck has to offer as both a student and athlete to the Daytona State Volleyball program in 2017.